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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 24041420
I am an Italian illustrator living in Paris, graduated from the Ecole Supérieure Estienne and passionate about traditional techniques.
My favored mediums are ink drawings, scratchboards and paper cutting. My artistic themes revolve around medieval iconography, taking inspiration from the natural world and chimeric influences.
From the great engravers of the past, whose work I admire, I have borrowed a characteristic representation of the contrasts of light on the line. Since 2012, I have been part of the Ateliers aux Lilas engravers’ collective for typography and printmaking. I was thus able to go from initially imitating engraving through drawing, to the actual practice of this discipline, using both Intaglio and relief printing techniques. Further experiences in printmaking using engraving, serigraphy and binding allowed me to enhance my work using color, but also taught me how to manage the entire printing production process: from an artist’s drawn image to the final print of their creations.My artistic approach today consists in drawing, creating printed images and printing artists' books.
I expose my work and I regularly take part in collective [collaborative] publishing projects, often self-published.